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About Pardas Energy

Thise company has been able to recieve ISO 9001 : 2015 and HSE-MS certificates based on the nowledge and experience of its managers and experts.Pardas company has expanded the activities by inplementing hundreds of different projects in the oil and gas industry , petrochemical, in surance and banking organizations, medical field and large in dustrial and service factories and taking steps in line with the specified odjectives

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درباره پرداس انرژی
  • Establishing the Company


    تأسیس شرکت
  • Obtaining an exploitation license


    اخذ پروانه بهره برداری
  • SOLAREX trademark registration


    ثبت علامت تجاری برند SOLAREX
  • Membership in the Battery Industry Association


    عضویت در انجمن صنعت باتری
  • VRLA battery production line development plan


    طرح توسعه خط تولید باتری VRLA
  • Membership in the Telecommunication Industry Syndicate


    عضویت در سندیکای صنعت مخابرات
  • Change in the company's macro strategy


    تغییر در استراتژی کلان شرکت
  • Beginnig of the Ni-Cd battery research phase


    شروع فاز تحقیقاتی باتری Ni-Cd
  • The production line to a new factory with an area of 9600mm transferring


    انتقال خط تولید به کارخانه جدید به مساحت 9600 متر مربع
  • launching the Ni-Cd battery production line and getting representation from Taihang company


    راه اندازی خط تولید باتری Ni-Cd و اخذ نمایندگی از شرکت Taihang
  • lounching the companys new site and moving to a new building


    راه اندازی سایت جدید شرکت و انتقال دفتر مرکزی به ساختمان جدید

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